3 Caves Margaret River Visitors Should See

Taken from MargaretRiver.com

With more than 150 natural caves, Margaret River is an excellent choice for adventurers looking to go cave exploring. The region lies below a massive historic karri forest along the spine of the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge providing a beautiful nature-experience for visitors. In addition to the caves, Margaret River also hosts world-famous wine and surfing.

The caves Margaret River has to offer:

Three show caves, Mammoth, Jewel, and Lake, are operated by the Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association with guided or self-guided tours open to the public every day but Christmas.

Lake Cave: Lake Cave, Margaret River, Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridges only cave with a permanent lake, is home to the, suspended table, a several ton piece of calcite suspended over a lake that appears to float in mid-air. Suspended table is one of the only formations of its kind in the world. This cave is a great choice for children or travellers who are new to cave exploration.

Mammoth Cave: Mammoth Cave is handicapped accessible, at least to the first chamber, and by far the easiest accessed of the three caves. Tours are self-guided and come with an MP3 audio tour visitors can listen to as they view the cave. Mammoth Cave is famous for its rare, ancient plant and animal fossils.

Jewel Cave: Jewel Cave is the largest cave Margaret River has to offer. It is the home to a 580-centimetre straw stalactite, one of the largest in the world that is available for public tours. Jewel cave has four main chambers, one of which contains the Jewel Cave Preservation Centre featuring a cafe with shopping and dining. Jewel Cave is low-light with a soft-glow for viewing rock formations offering visitors a feeling of being under the ocean without the water.

CaveWorks Eco Centre and Research: The CaveWork Centre allows visitors to learn more about cave formation, the caves present in the area, view replicas of caves, and observe professional cave researchers at work. There is even a life-like cave replica for children to explore.

All guided options for tours are provided by experts who can share fascinating facts and history of the caves while ensuring the safety of everyone present. Guide experts are also first-aid certified with on-going training.

The caves Margaret River has to offer are unique and provide a holiday experience those of all ages can enjoy to create memories that last a lifetime.

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