Have A Murray Time!

If you were to go through life without ever being bogged down or dragged down by high stress and pressure levels, you could consider yourself an extremely lucky person indeed. While it is probably possible to go through life with minimal stress levels, it is not a thing that is highly probable – stress and fatigue come with the territory, so to speak, with life pushing us to our limits more than we would like to admit. People try to push these limits, afraid of sinking shark-like if they stop swimming, and caught up in the inertia of work demands and requirements. However, those who try to ignore their limits or move too quickly or too far past them inevitably have their bodies paying a very harsh price.

Accommodation Margaret River

Accommodation Augusta

This is why we usually are given the advice of seeking some rest and relaxation, or get some downtime put in every now and again. This advice is so commonplace and commonsensical as to seem repetitive, and we tend to react accordingly. Our tendency has been to turn it down, stating instead that we wish to keep working and thus be consistently productive at work. Many fail to anticipate the actual outcome – deprived of time to recharge, the body then tends to lapse into even worse condition and thus require recovery time that is greater than the downtime would have been, not to mention the added expense of medication and medical attention.

As such, those who see the value of heading for relaxing and soothing environments to change their atmosphere and perspective decide that it is a great idea to go sailing. This is particularly true for picturesque and beautiful environments. As such, a fairly strong market for accommodation Margaret River has stayed significant over recent years. The beautiful and relaxing surroundings of the river make yachting and cruising a good escape from the hectic day-to-day, provided one keeps a few guidelines in mind.

One good rule of thumb is for a yacht trip taker to be aware of the weather conditions, making sure to know what conditions can be expected for the entire yacht trip day. Weather tends to be fickle and changeable, and being aware of long-term projections should help plan a good route to take.

Making sure to have the proper supplies on hand is also a commonly-overlooked guideline, usually forgotten by those who then realize too late that out on the open sea is no place to suddenly start worrying about charging a phone, or buying headache medicine, or any other thing that is much easier to do on land.

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Sailing Your Problems Away

People often think they can live life without any need to worry about the possibility of stress, but this rather naïve and uninformed notion tends to get disabused rather handily when people find their footing in the real world and go to work. Doing so opens their lives up to some potentially fulfilling but very demanding challenges, removing them from their often-sheltered previous routines and pushing them headlong into a competitive but potentially rewarding way of life. The human body can withstand an awful lot, to be sure, and this is often tested and proven at the workplace that one is part of. Everyone has things to accomplish and prove at work, and as such it does take a lot out of a person.

Accommodation Augusta

Accommodation Augusta

The many and varied aspects of the lives we live can themselves create tension and raise our stress levels, if they get to be too much to handle. While some try to power past such problems, they often do so without any regard for what could happen to their bodies as a result, and as such their bodies often have to bear the consequences. Some people turn to exercise to try and condition their bodies, while others try energy drinks and vitamin supplements to fight the onset of fatigue, stress and breakdowns. Others, however, decide to that it might be a good idea to actually take a break.

Accommodation Margaret River

Accommodation Margaret River

Some people have claimed to be reluctant to simply take time off, largely due to the idea that such an action might end up reducing or otherwise compromising their productivity at work. However, others who actually give it a shot tend to find that it allows them perform better upon their return to work. For that matter, not taking time off can result in even higher levels of stress.

Not surprisingly, taking a nice long trip along a rather scenic route and taking in the environment is a great way to go. If one is in need of a range of possible accommodation Margaret River tour planners are certainly willing to help out. For many people going on a sail on a river allows them to snag a great chance to enjoy the beauty of a scenic environment, which is definitely something that is easy to appreciate and value. After all, beautiful surroundings such as the ones on the Margaret River are sure to offer plenty of soothing and uplifting sights that will help rejuvenate a stressed-out person’s mental and emotional energy.

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Things To Do In Margaret River

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Sail With Whales

Is it right to call the idea of living a stress-free life a pipe dream? Perhaps it is, although it may not be far from the truth to suggest that it is not entirely realistic. Life, after all, is practically made of moments where stress is a factor. These days, more than ever before, we are constantly barraged by things that need doing, work that needs completing, and tasks that need accomplishing; all of this stress combines to create a lifestyle that has truly taken us to our limits on a regular basis.

whale watching in Margaret River

whale watching in Margaret River

On the subject of limits, we must come to recognize that there are people who refuse to acknowledge theirs. There are people who pride themselves on defying their limitations, finding themselves capable of completing their assigned tasks no matter the toll on their personal lives or even their bodies. This is an immense risk, which usually results in the body breaking down and refusing to function the way it ordinarily does. This is why people constantly encourage us to take a break, knowing that productivity would suffer more if we didn’t choose to do so. A break that allows us to reflect and reconnect with nature is particularly recommended, making nature tourism a very highly-recommended pursuit indeed.

Nature tourism has really taken off in the last several years. Whale watching in particular is seen as an interesting pursuit that has very few equals in terms of entertainment value. Many places offer whale watching tours; for whale watching Margaret River is a popular choice for many. From all the way back in the 1950s, whale watching has been a consistently growing nature tourism industry. More than 87 countries and territories have become part of the whale watching industry worldwide, and it has been estimated to be worth over $1 billion. People love having a chance to see whales in their natural habitat, and this desire to reconnect with nature has proven truly lucrative. The business generated by whale watching has proven helpful to the growth of indigenous communities in various parts of the world, including New Zealand and the Kingdom of Tonga. The jobs and income it generates has also come to benefit the people of these parts of the world.

Whale watching can be done from kayaks, catamarans, or even helicopters. Whichever way you choose, seeing these magnificent creatures from a distance is the best way to truly get the “big picture” and appreciate them, much better than putting them in cages in zoos. Additionally, whale watching helps raise awareness about marine conservation – and can even offer a platform for scientific research into these majestic creatures and their natural environment.

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Sailing To Watch A Whale

Going through life stress-free is a virtual impossibility given the origins and impact of stress. There are things that we have to do on a daily basis that keep us busy and tend to tire us out. We can, however, try to avoid getting bogged down by stress and the negative factors that affect our day-to-day needs. People will often try to defy their limitations in an effort to do so, although this in and of itself is not easy. As a matter of fact, this can even be impractical and unhealthy, especially if we ignore the limits that our bodies set. Pushing past what our bodies can ordinarily stand usually leads us to unexpected breakdowns. As such, taking a break to go sailing or enjoy a nature tourism trip can help us avoid getting overtaxed. Being in nature and enjoying the beauty of natural surroundings can go a long way toward contributing to relaxation.

Whale Watching Margaret River

Whale Watching Margaret River

For nature tourism, whale watching is an interesting pursuit. For that matter, for whale watching Margaret River is a good option. From the 1950s onward, whale watching has grown into a very fast-growing nature tourism industry. Over 87 countries and territories participate in the worldwide whale watching industry, which is estimated to be worth over $1 billion. The opportunity to see whales in their natural habitat has proven to be very attractive and even lucrative, resulting in consistent growth over the last several years. Whale watching has come to be helpful to indigenous communities in places like New Zealand and the Kingdom of Tonga thanks to the income it generates. Communities benefit from the money that pours in via tourism as well as the whale watching itself.

There are many ways to enjoy whale watching – from kayaks, catamarans, or even helicopter trips. Seeing these magnificent creatures from afar is a great way to appreciate them in their natural habitat, without putting them in cages in zoos. Whale watching has the additional benefit of raising awareness about marine conservation. For that matter it can also offer a platform for scientific research, which also in turn contributes to conservation.

There may be negative effects of whale watching, although these are difficult to conclusively establish. Boat traffic may alter the behavior of humpback whales or have an effect on distribution patterns, for example. Short-term impacts might have cumulative long-term impacts, however, which is why those in charge of whale watching tours tend to carefully study their procedures to avoid disturbing the whales too badly.

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Whales Found in Margaret River

The most common species of whales found in the Margaret River are the Southern Right and Humpback whales. Southern Right or Baleen genus has a wide back minus the dorsal fin with a thick layer of outer skin. It has an extended curved mouth which starts above the eye. The right whale’s hide is either black or dark gray in color with sporadic patches on its abdomen. Callosities seem to be while owing to the huge colonies of whale lice called Cyamids. You can hardly distinguish the Southern Right from North Atlantic and North Pacific Right whales. However, negligible differences can be seen in the skull. The Southern Right also possesses fewer callosities on the head but more on the lower lips. Some 10,000 whales of this variety are said to be found all over the Southern Hemisphere.

Humpback whales go to the coastal waters of Australia during the warm summer months and migrate to the Antarctic for feeding purposes. It is considered one of the longest migrations in the animal kingdom since these whales travel an average of 2,500 kilometers. The humpback whale is another species of the baleens. The bigger varieties are 12 to 16 meters long and weigh nearly 36,000 kilograms. This type of whale has a unique shape with extended pectoral fins and bumpy head. It is an athletic whale that slaps and breaches the water with its fins and tails. The humpback whale is very popular among whale watchers in Australia, Canada, South America, New Zealand and the United States.

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Dunsborough Wine Tours

Fifty kilometres north of Margaret River and situated beside Geographe Bay lay the picturesque Dunsborough in Western Australia. A three hour drive from Perth, Dunsborough is a popular holiday destination known for its beaches and proximity to the award-winning wine cellars of Margaret River. No visit is complete without joining one of the Dunsborough wine tours conducted daily at several of the best wineries in Margaret River.

Wine Tours in Margaret River

Margaret River wineries

Margaret River is blessed with a temperate climate consisting of warm summers and mild winters, temperatures that grape varieties responsible for producing the best Cabernets, Semillons, Merlots and Chardonnays love. There are more than a hundred wine producers in Margaret River and approximately 5,500 hectares under vine. Some of these wine cellars produce award winning products and open their doors to the public for some wine tasting often paired with locally produced cheeses and freshly made lunches.

Situated in rolling hills that are naturally blessed with a visually appealing and tranquil landscape, the region’s wineries are regular attractions that appeal to all types of visitors, wine sommeliers and non-wine drinkers alike. Margaret River contributes significantly to Western Australia’s wine production, thus its reputation for being one of the best wine regions in Australia.

Dunsborough wine tours

Wine Tours in Margaret River

Wine tour operators provide various options for visitors, offering half day and whole day tours for couples, families, and groups. Wine tours often pick up from accommodation and include activities such as:

Visits to local wineries and micro-brewery
Sampling of excellent wines such as Cabernets, Merlots, Chardonnays and Shiraz
Visits to local cheese and chocolate companies and sampling of their products
For whole-day tours, a chance to observe wine making in progress and a relaxing lunch at a scenic winery where local produce is freshly prepared.
Friendly guides ensure that guests enjoy their wine tours and are fully informed. There are options for night tours and child-friendly wine tours to suit specific preferences. Tourists can also indulge in locally-made ice creams, fudge and chocolate and olives and fruit preserves in the area.

A luxurious day at the award winning wine cellars deserves a luxurious night at any of the inviting accommodation in Dunsborough. Guests have a choice of Dunsborough accommodation that ranges from luxurious spas, hideaway resorts, contemporary beachfront houses, and apartments. Most accommodation is situated close to the beaches, restaurants and Dunsborough attractions. After their Dunsborough wine tours, guests can soak up the vibrant arts scene in Dunsborough with live music, popular art galleries and summer markets.

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